About WSMX

WSMX offers a unique and innovative approach to teaching Motocross to all skill levels, genders and ages that has made WSMX one of the top MX schools in the country for the past 21 years. AMA Pro Riders such as Ashley Fiolek, Marissa Markelon, Lauren Woods, Tiana Falls and Ryan Sipes have received training from WSMX, as well as a host of top Amateurs. Whether you are a Pro, or just beginning, WSMX can help you become a better, faster, more confident rider on the track, in the desert or on the trails! Come learn from National MX Champion Debbie Matthews and her staff who have years of experience competing in Motocross, Grand Prix, Desert, Cross Country and Supercross.

WSMX offers generous discounts to Families, Military, Returning Students and for Referrals.

WSMX founder Debbie Matthews has an impressive resume spanning 47 years which includes a Pro resume of over 27 years in competition: 24 years as a pro with multiple top 5 finishes as a Women’s Professional Motocross athlete in World, National, Supercross and Off-road Championships. Debbie a former Women’s National Vet Champion and a recipient  in 1997 of the AMA MVP award, 2017 So Cal Pros Lifetime Achievement award and in 2021  was inducted into the Gene Woods Hot Shoe Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.  Debbie was also one of the founders of the WML-The Women’s Motocross League, the organization responsible for creating the AMA Women’s Motocross National Championships in 1996 as well as getting Women in Supercross with the AMA and MTEG in 1995. The WML was later rebranded as the WMA and is now owned and operated under MX Sports as WMX.  In 2013, Debbie along with her partners, founded POWR MX produced the Answer Racing Pro Taper POWR Women’s Pro Shootout that produced the largest Professional Women’s Pro purse and bonus program $15,000 for a single event in the world!  Full Bio is available on Trainer page.

With over 47 years in the industry, Debbie received her training from World and National champions such as: Rolf Tibblin, Mark Blackwell, Greg Albertyn, Doug Dubach, Mike Beier and Mike Keidrowski as well as worked alongside riders in industry functions and charity events such as Ricky Carmichael, Jeff Emig, Mike LaRocco, Travis Pastrana, Jeremy McGrath, Broc Glover, David Bailey and Danny Magoo Chandler during her career. For more information please contact WSMX at 949-282-9402 or email deb@wsmxinc.com