Students know best! Here are a few letters Debbie has received:

"Kids had a blast!!!!!!!!!! Ran into the house screaming to Suzy (Mom) that it was 'the funnest day ever!' I might have to put you on the payroll!"

William Gray, CA

"Thank you for one of the most exciting weekends I have had! Last Saturday was great, and I think I'm addicted. I'd love to take your class again, when you come back to Colorado. There is so much to learn from you~you are a jem. Anyway, thank you for your talent and experience. Take care."

Maria Deelman, Colorado

"My son Michael and I got everything we expected and then some. You were excellent with us both. At the ripe old age of 7, his attention span is not what I wish it was sometimes, but the patience and teaching techniques used with him was fantastic. The fact that you had me jumping on my "thumper" and powering through the corners, as I've watched experienced riders do in enduros, is proof that you 'can' teach an old dog new tricks. Thank you for being a part of a day that we both will remember as a learning and bonding experience."

Mark Kochan, CO

"The MX demo in Ohio was fantastic! It was so cool that all those people came out to watch. I died when I saw Karen Davidson on the KX, too cool! Anyway, thanks for putting that on and for doing such an incredible job all the way around of promoting this sport for women. You're great! Thanks!"

Sarah Schlike, CA

"I had the opportunity to take a WSMX school here in WA. It was wonderful. Not only did I learn a lot, I plan on taking as many more as possible-the schools are great, especially for squids like me =)"

Shara Sikes, WA

"I am a 40 year old female who started riding and racing about 2 1/2 years ago. I took the all day lesson from Debbie and it is the best thing I ever did. I learned more in that one class then the 2 years I've been riding. I really liked the way you explained the physics as well as technique. After taking the class I feel I'm riding 100x's better with alot more confidence. I can't wait to race next week. Debbie is an awesome instructor, I would recommend this class to anyone. Go for it you won't be sorry."

Thanks Dawn Clark, NH

"Just wanted to thank you again for the time you spent with us in AL, I enjoyed every moment of it. I learned alot a year and a half ago but not nearly as much as I had learned on Saturday. Waiting for you to come back around in the area was well worth the wait."

With Deep Gratitude, Jerri Reeves, AL

"Elizabeth was wound up all the way home. That was was the biggest race of her career. She kept talking about the race, the lady pros and you have replaced Jeremy McGrath as her favorite motocross hero. I would like to thank you for everything that you did for Elizabeth. I know she is looking forward to coming to Mammoth and seeing you again. That final moto Sunday will be one Elizabeth will not forget."

Dale McFarland, TX

"I've ridden bikes off and on since age 8 but never understood or applied any of the body mechanics you taught us yesterday. You are very good at what you do...and it is very apparent that you love your work, thanks for sharing."

Lydia Salinas, CA

"I had never rode a bike before, so I was a true beginner. By the end of the weekend I was riding trails. I had so much fun, your class and trainer really built up my confidence and I am ready to start riding. Thanks again and thumbs up!"

Jen Munroe, NY



"This is little Jeff from boot camp last week. I'm just e-mailing you to thank you for all your help. I really enjoyed your camp. I had a great time. I can't wait until the next lesson comes so I can come again. And I definitely can't wait till my next race to practice all of the techniques you taught me."

Jeffrey Ditter, Hollister, CA

"Thank you again for a great class. Sandy was very impressed with your teaching style and wants me to continue. You got Sandy very excited about riding, something I just have not been able to do. THANK YOU! Take care and thanks again."

Andrea Beach, CA

"Glad to see your finally getting the support and exposure that you and your organization deserve! The heavy weights of your industry are finally seeing the light that your organization (and other like yours) bring to the mainstream. Keep up the hard work and kudos' from the 'working class' stiffs."

Doug Ferguson, Hollister Ca

"I finally raced again after 2 months of no riding, I figured I wouldn't do good due to lack of bike time and I was wrong!! I GOT 2ND PLACE!!!! My first trophy ever! I have you and your class in California to thank for that. I learned so much, Thanks for everything! Always."

Cathy Frahm, CO

"As a student of Debbie's motocross school at the AMA conference, you all should know that she is an excellent, fun and patient teacher -- as well as an excellent rider. If you haven't taken her class -- give it a try. Thanks Debbie."

Kim Orndorff, UT

"Thanks for all the tips last year which really made my racing season take off. I'm not joking. After I had learned all the tips you gave me, I went to the track not thinking my riding had changed. Everyone all of a sudden asked how I got so fast. I ended up winning both motos that day and even had a gentlemen ask if he could take my picture, which made me feel good because I was actually getting recognized as a good rider. Anyway, thanks again and I have to say once again that your site is amazing."

Lisa Barber, #611 Canada

"Wanted to drop a note thanking you for the great school and all the individual attention. Adam and I thought it was great. I do believe Adam intends to actually compete at some point. We both learned a lot and really enjoyed the class. Thanks again."

David Poffenbarger, Northern, CA

"I just wanted to compliment you on your teaching style. When I see a leader or an instructor with a warm caring approach, that says alot to me about the quality of the instructor. The personal touch gets through to people so much better. I'm going to Egypt to be an instructor pilot for a year, and I hope to come across the same way that you do, and make my people feel the same level of concern out of me. Just wanted to share that with you."

Ciao, Virginia, CA

"THAT WAS A BLAST!! We had so much fun and learned a lot on Saturday - Thanks a bunch!! Gina and I are still talking about it. I'm so sore today I can hardly move, but that tells me I was being worked hard!! The "drop" exercise was key. I've never felt comfortable cornering and now I think I can get the hang of it. Thank you so much for a wonderful day!"

Natalie Bettencourt, CA

"I had a race yesterday and did so poorly, I'm very much in need of the confidence boost your school provides. Your school this coming weekend was the talk of the track yesterday. There were quite a few jealous guys there who willing to don a lady's wig and fake boobs if necessary to participate."

Marika Flory, CA

"I got to race my first race with my "new and improved" riding! It was GREAT!!! I rode a tad slower then I usually do during a race...mainly because I was more concerned with practicing grip with my knees, elbows up, etc then winning the race. But....whatever time I lost riding slower....I made up in NO crashes. But, besides not crashing...it was the MOST controlled ride I've had. I felt confident and the lack of feeling scared improved my riding by 200%. I TURNED!!!!! I could actually CONTROL and turn! MANY people noticed the improvement in my riding. The response from SO many women in the desert was...oh, I COULD take instruction from a woman! A LOT of us women just don't listen to men...in particular OUR men! But, it's hard to blow off a woman. If she can do it...well so can I! We want to be able to ride well enough to go out and enjoy a joy ride with our family and/or hubby and your school provides this and more! I couldn't stop talking about how much fun I had and how much I *did* learn."

Peace, Janette Player, CA

"Thank you for all the help in the class on Saturday. I did learn a tremendous amount from you and Crystal. I have already seen a big difference in my technique and ability. I think you have an excellent program and I would like to attend future classes. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and patience."

Alisha Sheppard Danville, CA

"THANKS!!! I did what you said and it helped a lot! I went out there with the attitude that, " I'm just going to have fun riding, not even think about how I place and it came together quick! I started hitting some of the bigger doubles I wouldn’t do before and doing them started giving me confidence to try other stuff, like going faster in spots I usually slow down...I won!! My daughter said I ended up almost a quarter track lead on 2nd. It felt good, I wasn't scared or nervous and I had a blast riding! Talk to you soon and thanks so much, you’re the best!"

Krissy, Massachusetts

"Hi Debbie,

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class that I took at Lake Ellsinore. It was my best day that I have had and in time I will like to take another course. I learned so much and absorbed so much new information. My confidence was boosted 100% and I feel better riding now. I have to tell you that I have never ridden so much in a day and I was completely wiped out that night. Even the next day I was still sore but I loved it. I have no idea how the two girls were able to ride the next day but I am sure you motivated them to do it. I thank you so much for everything I learned and will never forget you. I hope to see you again soon. Thanks So Much."

Darius Bartfanai, Southern, CA

"Dear Coaches,

I would be remiss if I didn't write and tell you what an awesome time I (and Diane) had during our super motocross weekend. We've been talking about it non-stop since. It has only fueled our obsession. We have already started training to lose weight, get in shape and take on our lessons next fall.

You guys were great! I really liked how technical the lessons were. I felt like we covered all of the basics and it still left me with a lifetime of things to work on. I feel so much more confident, safe and ready to take on the track. I also appreciated that you left the pacing to us. I so out of shape that I'm still sore. Never forget: we got our first air!

We have made some inquiries up here about tracks and putting together some classes. We already have some interest, including a private pro and vet track we could use. Some of the online forums have proven a great place to meet other obsessed riders looking for good instructors. Thanks again! I can hardly wait to start my first race."

Lori Denning, SLC, Utah


I would like to thank you for the great tips you have given me. I saw a big difference when I took you class. I left with more confidence and with allot of great extra information. I tell all of my friends about you and hopes that we can get you to come to our way."

Annette Avila Rowland, Santa Rosa, CA

"Dear Debbie- Wanted to send a belated thank you for my mx lesson at Elsinore. I absolutely had a great time and I learned so much. You were the perfect teacher. I appreciate the combination of technical, slow practice of basic skills combined with later that day just encouraging me to go faster. I’ve decided and I’ve committed to wanting to race. I’ve been practicing what you taught me and I’m getting a lot better on turns and faster – I even passed someone yesterday! Anyhow, I’d like to schedule another lesson with you. My plan is to have regular lessons – say every 3-4 weeks – and practice at the track x2 a week in between. I’d like you to work me up to being able to race and telling me when I’m ready and what events to enter. Thanks again. I’m hooked!"

Mary A. Lehman, Coronado, CA

"Hey Deb,

Your class gave me so much information and I struggled out there on that GP track at Hollister but hey...I'm hella better....I went on the trails with my son last weekend and I could keep up...I can say you definitely helped me with tips and confidence...so, thanks a bunch. I'll sign up anytime you come to Northern CA."

Very Sincerely, Deb Carmichael

"Hi, Debbie!!

I just wanted to let you know I had a BLAST at the Carnegie school, in spite of all the challenges ( challenges are good!). You and Tonya are the best, so patient with me, I really needed the gentle "kick in the butt" that you provided! I was so inspired, in fact, that I went out "bike shopping", tried quite a few of various types and brands and displacements, and settled on a 2001 YZ250 F ! I love it!...And I can put both feet balls on the ground! I could sure use your help, though, so I can utilize the bike to it's potential...which it obviously has! I would LOVE to take a private course with you ASAP, I am willing to travel to do so...I suppose I could wait til Nov. 22nd, but if anything is available prior to that, I am up for it! Southern Ca. is totally doable for me, too. Please let me know your availability ASAP..I am ANXIOUS! Thanks again for everything!!! I have told all my friends about the class and they are very interested! "

Lory "eye of the tiger" Spencer

"Hi Debbie,

I hope you had a safe trip back home to California. I wanted to send you an email thanking you for an awesome mx class on Saturday. I have to say I had the time of my life. I still am on cloud 9. It's too bad you had to come all the way from California for just three students but it worked out great for us.

All the instruction you provided really helped to kick my riding up to a whole new level. Before Saturday I had never ridden on a mx track and I really like riding but now after riding at Jolly Rogers on Saturday I am totally hooked. Its as if a drug has been injected into my vein and I want to keep pressing the button for more. Again it was a great pleasure meeting you."

Christine Lowrie

"Hey Debbie,

Just wanted to THANK YOU again for a great day on Saturday. Please let us know when you'll be in the area again as ALL of us would like to sign up. Thanks again, we all had a blast and the kids really improved SOOOOO much."

Janine, NE