X-Games delivers a one two punch to U.S. WMX National Championship Contenders JP$ and Fiolek

X-Games 17, delivered a one two punch to U.S. WMX National Championship Contenders JP$ and Fiolek during the Women’s Moto X  portion of the event,  as the top two riders in the country both clipped the landing of the triple in separate incidents and endoed, delivering concussions to both riders and eliminating them from the competition.  Vicki Golden put her Arenacross experience to good use capturing the Gold over Former Gold medalist Tarah Gieger (08) who garnered the Silver in both Moto X and Enduro X and Livia Lancelot a former Women’s World Champion who thwarted Patterson’s repeated attempts to claim the Bronze before Patterson hit the deck over the triple.

The question now on everyone’s lips is just how serious are the concussions and collateral  damage to the multi champs Ashley Fiolek and Jessica Patterson?  The 3 week break in the Women’s National Championship Schedule couldn’t have come at a better time for the duo, yet did the X-games reveal potential cracks in their armor that might stoke the fires of opportunity for other top contenders for the Series crown in the form of  Troy Lee Design’s Tarah Gieger, WSMX’s  Jacqueline Strong and Vicki Golden who hold 3rd-5th in the standings?

The three remaining rounds will most certainly be a fight to the finish. With Golden taking Gold and Gieger Silver, their confidence is sure to increase.  Strong also is expected to continue her rise to the top and is the wildcard, having continued to better her WMX standings at every round of the series!  Strong is a 2x veteran of the X-Games, yet was overlooked for inclusion in this years competition.  A decision by the organizer that may well play into Strong’s hand as she heads into the  final events with a clear head and momentum on her side.  Round 6 is August 27th at Southwick which begins the final push to Glory. With the top ten this tight, it’s anyone’s game.

1 Ashley Fiolek 232
2 Jessica Patterson 224
3 Tarah Gieger 188
4 Jacqueline Strong 138
5 Vicki Golden 131
6 Kasie Creson 128
7 Marissa Markelon 125
8 Lindsey Palmer 107
9 Alexah Pearson 103
10 Sayaka Kaneshiro 98