WSMX “Winning Form” Award Perfect Storm for WMX Pro Juile Parizek at Southwick National

WSMX-Women’s School Of Motocross “Winning Form” Bonus continues to be the “Perfect Storm” for Women’s Motocross. Under the winds and rains of Hurricane Irene, the award was claimed by Julie Parizek at the Southwick Motocross National. Julie was ecstatic upon receipt of the award, praising WSMX for their continual efforts to grow and support Women’s Motocross. “I am so thrilled to receive this award it means so much to me. This will definitely help me get to the next round. There has been a different winner of this award at every round of the series and it helps all of us. Thank you, WSMX!”

The previous Round at the Millville National was won by Kasie Creson who also was happy for the bonus. “I was surprised to learn I had won the award. The competition is really tough at the nationals. I just rode hard and hoped it was enough. This will really help our effort.”

WSMX Founder, Debbie Matthews is pleased to know that the WSMX ‘Winning Form” Award is doing exactly what it was designed to do for the Women of Motocross. “This award was designed to provide additional financial support to the Ladies of MX who need it the most, those flying just under the radar, fast and consistent, but without the full support of teams, those doing it out of their own pockets.”

The WSMX ‘Winning Form” Bonus Award has been hotly contested in every round of the AMA Women’s Professional Motocross WMX Series with 6 different riders claiming the award. Previous winners of the award are Kasie Creson-Millville, Sayaka Kaneshiro-Red Bud, Sara Price-Thunder Valley, Tatum Sik-Freestone and Jacqueline Strong-Hangtown.

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