Bike Overheating Question

From: Alexa McBean
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 6:05 PM
Subject: question


i have a ktm 105 xc that was great to ride on the trails during the
summer at higher elevations, but now at lower elevation and lower temp
it is too hot.when i read about the bike online or on forums, the men
say it’s not a trail bike and can’t be ridden on the trail. the women,
on the other hand, who are the ones who own/ride them, say they just
need to be detuned. since i am short, there aren’t a lot of bikes
available. what do you think?



Hi Alexa,

Sorry for the delay in my response, I have been training some pro riders and having them stay with me, so my time has been tight! To answer your question, it is probably a matter of jetting. Heat and altitude change jetting, and four strokes can be very finicky when it comes to this. Four strokes naturally run hotter than two strokes and are subject to over heating especially if they idle or are run slowly for long periods of time. My suggestion is work on jetting changes and try to open up the bike when you can to get cool air to the motor, or stop once in a while and let it cool down. The 105 is a great bike, I hope you find a way to keep it. Good luck on your riding and have fun! Please stay in touch so I can keep you up to date with riding clinics, ride days and other fun stuff!


Debbie Matthews
DM Sports-Pro Sports Management
WSMX-Women’s School of Motocross

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