WSMX Welcomes 6 New Trainers in Colorado, California, North Carolina and Michigan!

WSMX is growing and have expanded our training locations to include a new trainer for Colorado ISDE star Nicole Bradford, a second trainer for Michigan, Mr. Dan Jannette, a third trainer for California, Heather Lockwood and in North Carolina Beginner Coaches Carolyn Hewett, Gina Hutton and Advanced coach Ike de Jager. All of these coaches add unique dimensions to the training available to our riders. The WSMX professional training staff can now provide training in Motocross, Supercross, Arenacross, Cross Country, ISDE, Endurocross, Desert, Trials, Supermoto, Trail Riding and more to all genders, ages and skill levels of riders wanting to learn more and have fun doing it! WSMX coaching has been utilized by some of the top riders in the sport, including 3x Women’s National, and 2x X-games champion Ashley Fiolek, WMX National #4 Jacqueline Strong and AMA SX and National pros Ryan and Ben Sipes, as well as a host of top Amateur athletes and everyday riders just looking to become better, safer riders. For more information please contact WSMX at 949-282-9402 or visit the website at