Introducing Nicole Bradford-WSMX Trainer-Colorado

Nicole’s dad and mom bought her first motorcycle when she was 4. It was a Suzuki JR 50 and she spent hours riding it trying to be faster than her brother. If she wasn’t riding her own bike she was on the front of her dad’s bike or one of his friends flying through the trails near Steamboat Springs, Colorado where she lived. Her dad was a top Enduro rider in the state of Colorado and thankfully passed down some of his talent to her.
When she was 12 her parents divorced, ending her riding days until she married Ben Bradford in 1995. Ben asked her where she wanted to go for their honeymoon and she told him “I don’t want to go anywhere, I want a dirt bike!” At first he was caught off guard but when he realized she was serious he said “okay” and they began looking for used bikes the very next day. While she wished she had been racing all her life she was happy to be 23 and ready to start racing again. With time, her skills got better, and in 2001 she competed in her first ISDE in France. She finished all six days to earn a bronze medal.

The following year Dale Malasek of Gas Gas USA offered her a Gas Gas trials bike if she would ride the nationals. She was new to the sport but was excited to give it a try. From 2002 through 2005 she committed herself to learning trials and was able to make the USA Women’s Trial De Nations team all 4 years. Eventually her first love of Enduro racing started to call her back and in 2006 she returned to the ISDE in New Zealand where she earned her second ISDE medal. It was at the ISDE in 2008 where she set the standard for other women by being the first female to not drop any trail points in 6 days of completion and leading her team to win the first Women’s World Cup. To date she has competed in 6 ISDE’s and has earned 2 Gold medals, 1 silver and 2 bronze. In 2003 she also competed in the grueling Scottish Six Days Trial. While her main sport is Enduro and trials don’t be surprised at what she can teach you on the motocross track as well.

Nicole has her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and lives in Vail Colorado where Ben and her own Elegant Cabinetry and Design. This year she will be racing the National Hare and Hound series and setting her sights on qualifying for her seventh ISDE. You will also find her on the starting line of Endurocross.

Nicole brings a serious arsenal of skills and a winning attitude, coupled with a sincere desire to help riders better their techniques and is anxious to make a real difference in the lives of her students. You can reach Nicole at 970-471-1725 or