WSMX-Welcomes Northern California Trainer-Kristine Hall

Kristine Hall owns and operates ” That Salon” in Northern California, but when she’s not doing hair, you can bet she’s tearing it up somewhere in the hills of Northern, California.
When she was nine she came across her first set of wheels, a electric blue Honda mini trail that brought her so much happiness.  Soon she improved and started to jump.  Realizing she needed better equipment her hard working single mother bought her a
KX 85… I loved my motorcycle so much that even my horse vaulting trainer Nick named me Motorcycle.   As I entered high school the dirtbike seemed to fade away and I ended up on a GSXR 750…. In my late teens and early 20s I started fantasizing about the dirt once again…. I would constantly jump on other people’s rides because I no longer owned a dirt bike but with the hopes that I would get one again soon.  My younger brother happened to  get  a  CR 125, and we would go ride backyards tracks and do a lot of trails and practice our jumps.  My brother passed away, leaving me his motorcycle.  It took me months to pull myself together and buy a trailer to throw the bike on and start riding in his memory… I don’t know if it was the heart ache or the pain that pushed me to be optimal rider that I am today… But before I ride I say little prayer and I thank my brother and I ask him to fly as fast as he can to keep up with me & protect me.

I’m very happy to say that within the last 10 years of my riding Ive taking the time to understand how my bike functions and operates to better my communication skills with my mechanics that help me with my bike, and I can do moderate wrenching on my own. I’ve also taken the time to learn how to cross train to keep myself in the optimal physical condition for my body to be able to withstand riding motocross at a racers level.  Along with that comes nutrition.  Understanding and utilizing proper nutrition is what keeps a riders mind & body able to sustain the rigors of riding.  My favorite places to ride are the Mojave Desert, Mammoth Mountain, E-St. MMX and Hangtown National track… I have a passion to ride and I also have a passion to teach, this is truly where my heart lies! Can’t wait to meet you look forward to the ride….