WSMX Welcomes New Trainer-Holly Hoffman-San Diego, CA

My love for speed and excitement started as young girls when I drove go-karts. As I got older I tried off-road driving, where I made a quick name for myself. However because of the expense I was unable to maintain a race career. I purchased a dirt bike after I had seen people riding and it looked fun. I did not know how to ride, but I did know I wasn’t afraid of speed. I purchased a four stroke 250, and within 3 months of desert riding with a little track riding mixed in found I already needed more engine. I purchased a four stroke 450 and rode that for a few years. I entered local races, rode desert and track. Soon after I realized I wanted to get more serious with my riding, so I borrowed a friends 250 so I could do some AMA Amateur races in which I did well, so I purchased a 250 again. I did more racing including some WMX events and the Western Arenacross National where I placed very well. I realized though through the journey that I prefer to race for spontaneity and fun, loosing myself in my true passion of free riding, flowing, and loosing myself. I still do races, but are done in the moment, without the pressures a full pro season brings. I ride both the desert and tracks regularly every week. I enjoy the freedom riding gives and my hope is to share that experience and help others tap into their potential.