WSMX Welcomes Shoei Helmets as our newest sponsor

WSMX is proud to welcome Shoei as our newest training sponsor!  For WSMX founder Debbie Matthews, it’s seems natural, just like home.  “Having Shoei as a sponsor was like family to me.  They were pretty much a part of my program my whole professional racing career.  Being a part of their program again, especially on such a large scale, speaks volumes about our professional relationship and the outstanding product that the Shoei brand is.”  Debbie recalls an experience she had right after signing with Shoei during her pro career: “I had just received my helmets and I loved them! In my first pro race with them, I crashed really hard and concussed myself.  I called them up, told them what happened and they sent me a replacement helmet right away.  They asked to see my helmet I crashed in and run some tests.  While the exterior looked fine, the interior was destroyed. Wearing that helmet saved my head,and my career. I offered to pay for the replacement, and they replied, no way, your health means more to us than the price of a helmet.  Right then, I knew I would ride Shoei’s for the rest of my life.  They truly care about the health and well being of the rider.”  Look for the entire WSMX staff to be sporting Shoei helmets, and if you get the chance, drop Shoei a line and thank them for making such an excellent product.  While they may not give you a free lid, they will protect your noggin, and have you looking stylish while doing it.